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Proplan Consultancy treats the client’s problem as if it were our own… we deliver high quality consulting services, implementation, monitoring & evaluation.

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Experts on the job

Rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges with an out of the box and sophisticated approach… sounds like work only a truly qualified expert can do!

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The direction you are going...

Whether you are a small startup or a large MNE, our visionary leadership in economic transformation can be of great use to your business!

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Consultancy services

Website Design & Development

Nowadays, a professional website with an additional web shop a highly necessary ingredient to success for almost any type of business in the world. We design and construct professional websites for clients including hosting, google analytics, SEO, web shops, google maps, unlimited emailadresses, automated databases etc. Read more

Business Development

Every business in the world has certain specific struggles. We provide the business consultancy services in the areas: Business Plans, Site selection, Assistance in Land/Reconnaissance/Exploration/Exploitation rights, Health and Sanitation Certificates, Customs Clearance, Temporarily Storage, Insurance & Legal Matters. Read more

Project Development

Start a new project but unsure whether you are sufficiently prepared? Or do you just want to have an expert take a critical look and identify some possible flaws within the plan? We do it all: from Project Identification and Formulation to Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation, basis on the Project Cycle Management/Logical Framework method. Read more

Joint Venture Operations

We provide consulting on Joint Venture Operations, especially between foreign and local entrepreneurs in South America and the Caribbean. In particular in Suriname, we have build up experience in business collaboration enhancement. With plenty of expertise on various types of partnerships (also PPP’s), we can be of great help! Read more

Sectoral Development

In particular developing countries have long been struggling with how to diversify their economies and enhance sustainable economic growth. Is there too much dependence on a few specific sectors? Or are the underlying institutions just not functioning as it should? We conduct Sector Analysis, Inputs Analysis, Investments Analysis and R&D programming, Institutional Sectoral Organization Analysis. Read more

Macro Economic Policy

In a world with diverse, interconnected financial systems, effective and timely macroeconomic policy by the financial authorities is crucial. The important role of Central Banks, especially after the global financial crisis of 2009, has never been as much emphasised on than now. We advise Central Banks in developing effective and timely macroeconomic policy in order to create financial stability and economic growth. Read more

Management Consulting

A key success factor for every single business, whether a small startup or a large multinational, is… MANAGEMENT! A huge amount of promising ideas are wrongly executed as a result of weak management or a wrong approach. We help our clients find the golden formula for managing their human resources, operations, financial resources and other business functions in an profitable and sustainable way. Read more.

Strategic Consulting

Every business needs a mission, vision and a long term strategy. In a global economy which is continuously undergoing shifts in trends and technological transformations, we can imagine this can be challenging! We provide strategic consulting services to a variety of businesses to identify how to succeed, achieve their long run objectives and ensure future profitability and growth. Read more.

Regional Development & Integration

Regional planning and development can offer great opportunities for long term planning and economic growth. We have years of experience in consulting on: Rural Integrated Development Plans, Micro Projects, Integrated Development of the Interior, Land Use Studies, production and trade potentials for goods and services in the CARICOM market, Impact analysis. Read more.

Marketing & Branding

Our experienced marketing consultants can develop a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan for your business with a specialty in online marketing (Facebook, Instagram etc.). Furthermore, we also provide implementation, monitoring and evaluation services. We help you to think about your company’s branding, professional image and contribute to achieving your ultimate marketing or sales targets. Read more

Market Research & Feasibility Analysis

Proplan Consultancy offers a great helping hand in the preparational phase towards launching your ideal product or service. Prior to the execution of your project, our experts are well-experienced with doing both extensive and intensive market research. Proplan Consultancy has gained invaluable experience through a diversity of self-conducted feasibility studies for mostly governments but also the private sector. Read more

Research Consulting

In a continuously evolving global environment, data science and analytics is playing an increasingly important role. Research has been one of the strongest drivers for technological advances and the importance of academic research has never been this important yet. Our consultants have wide experience in research methods, especially in the latest research methodologies and models. We make use of advanced computer software such as SPSS, Eviews, Stata & GAMS in order to develop sophisticated and useful models. Read more.

Management Training & Services

Project and Interim Management

We do management of a wide range of projects in several industries. From managing individual Development Projects and Diversification Projects to managing new production lines within existing Companies, Restructuring and Relocation. These can be challenging objectives and a consultant can make life a lot easier! Read more.

Training in Management & Planning

For around 20 years Proplan Consultancy has been providing management training courses to the private and public sector. We provide Training Courses in Strategic planning, Project Identification & Formulation, Project Appraisal, Project Management, Project Evaluation and Monitoring. Read more

National Training Centre

Since 1998 PROPLAN is the National Training Centre for all IDB training courses/workshops in Suriname. Courses can, on request of clients, be adapted to their specific conditions, formats and difficulty. Our experts are well-trained in providing trainings/lectures and all have a strong international, academic background. Read more.

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