Joint Venture Operations

Joint Ventures, Mergers, Acquisitions or Alliances?

Our consultants provide high quality, practical advice to both target and acquire firms and corporations. The main focus of our consulting service is on the preparation and execution phase, where advanced takeover frameworks and synergy analyses are done. Also, organizational, finance and legal matters are also taken into account by our experts. We provide consulting for:

  • Joint Venture Operations
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Strategic alliances
  • Partnerships
  • Collaborations
  • One
  • Two

Company value increase after merger or acquisition vs competitors


All types of business partnerships can be tricky without sufficient research and preparation


Years of experience in a wide range of industries in Suriname and the Caribbean. Through our grown business network, we gladly connect companies in order to create new business opportunities in terms of collaboration or business partnerships.


Highly educated, qualified consultants with a strong accumulation of in-house knowledge, expertise and skills will guide your business step by step.


Our consultants make use of sophisticated frameworks to identify whether a certain partnership has added economic value, is the right strategic move or has synergy advantages that can be reaped.


Our analytical and statistical modelling is highly advanced and provides accurate estimations and forecasts when modelling business values in partnering situations. We use computer software in a smart way to help enhance the overall value of your business.

Our consultants are 24/7 available to your service!