Macroeconomic Policy

Central Banks hire financial exports and macroeconomists to help develop a timely and effective macroeconomic policy in order to create price stability.

In a world with diverse, interconnected financial systems, effective and timely macroeconomic policy by the financial authorities is crucial. The important role of Central Banks, especially after the global financial crisis of 2009, has never been as much emphasized on than now. Therefore, Central Banks collaborate with several financial experts and macroeconomists to create a useful macroeconomic framework and to be able to develop effective and timely macroeconomic policy in order to create financial stability and economic growth.

Smart governments understand the importance of being on top of macroeconomic developments and being able to predict future happenings. To being able to prevent the next major crisis means having qualified and experienced professionals on the job!

Whether it’s a discussion about quantitative easing, the effects of Brexit, the election of the US President Trump or the so called new concepts of helicopter money, we can give you our thoughts and advise on it!

Understanding how the economy works is a key precondition for sophisticated and effective macroeconomic policy development. We have done a lot of work for governments and central banks and, as a result, have always been deeply involved with macroeconomic indicators of major importance such as GDP, interest rates, unemployment rates, export and import numbers, government spending and debt and much more.

Macroeconomic developments in a complex and volatile world.

Our team of consultants are on top of the latest developments in the local and international financial markets. In addition, our experts have a great deal of knowledge on underlying economic fundamental theory, central banking mechanisms and the markets of money.

Our experts are frequently asked to help Central Banks in developing timely and effective macroeconomic policy, assessing of macroeconomic indicators and advise on how to optimally make use of macroeconomic policy tools. We provide high quality advise on macroeconomic elements such as business cycles, unemployment, interest rates, quantitative easing, forex markets and more.

We also provide technical assistance to Central Banks in their objective to create financial stability and manage unemployment. This consists of macroeconomic modelling, forecasting, scenario planning, stress tests, risk analysis and policy simulations.

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