Research Consulting

Using advanced research methods can be highly beneficial to your economic business predictions

In a continuously evolving global environment, data science and analytics is playing an increasingly important role. Research has been one of the strongest drivers for technological advances and the importance of academic research has never been this important yet. Our consultants have wide experience in research methods, especially in the latest research methodologies and models. We make use of advanced computer software such as SPSS, Eviews, Stata & GAMS in order to develop sophisticated and useful models. We can assist you in doing extensive research and determine the following:

  • Predict future revenues
  • Identify cost inefficiencies in production process
  • Determine business factors influencing profits
  • Determine most profitable products/markets/product lines/product mix
  • Benchmark to competitors/similar businesses
  • Identify to what extent an economic crisis affects your business performance
  • Identify mismanagement through time series analysis

While we do research such as market research ourselves, we also assist businesses in strengthening their research department or training them to master newer research skills.

how can we help you?

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Proplan Consultancy really helped us achieve our financial goals. During the most difficult time for our company, Proplan gave us their strong analyses on our business models and helped reassure a profitable future.

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Advanced research models can help predict your future sales


Our consultants are academically educated

Our team of qualified consultants exclusively consists of academics with different  backgrounds and different fields of expertise.