Strategic Consulting

Formulating the right strategy in a volatile global economy

Imagine you are a CEO of a company. You are beginning to lose market share on your key product. The marketing division urges you to increase advertising and reduce prices. The R&D division has high hopes on a new product and wants more money. The finance division is worried about your debt level. Human Resources does not find enough qualified people to support your development. And you have just been offered to buy (at a good price, of course) one of your competitors in the US.

What do you do? First, you’ll have to make choices. Then, you’ll have to ensure that these choices will give you the proverbial competitive advantage. Maybe you need to trim costs. Maybe you need to spend more to innovate. Maybe you need to expand to exploit economies of scale. But whatever you do, you will have to do it better than the competition.

Every business needs a mission, vision and a strategy. Many CEO’s and managers find it difficult formulating the right strategy or vision in a constantly evolving and changing world. Hiring experienced consultants can save a lot of time and you can let them do the deep thinking for you! Our consultants know what it’s like to run a business in a fast pacing environment with ongoing developments such as digitalisation and globalisation.

We provide strategic consulting services to a variety of businesses to identify how to succeed, achieve their long run objectives and ensure future profitability and growth. Some great decisions are made through a strong business feeling… but of course every decision is better when you base it on facts. We advise our clients and assist them in collecting relevant facts, analyzing data and translating this into helpful business intel to make responsible and well-calculated decisions.

Business strategy consulting is tailor-made thinking. What works for one company will not necessarily work for the other, even in the same industry. Strategists use tools, but tools don’t make the strategist. Only the quality of the people matters in this business. We provide experts who can add value to this possibly difficult decision making.

A well-thought of strategy is an essential ingredient for long term success.

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Proplan Consultancy really helped us achieve our financial goals. During the most difficult time for our company, Proplan gave us their strong analyses on our business models and helped reassure a profitable future.

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